Jessi Returns In Style From a Long Hiatus.

When I heard the Jessi as well as Hyuna and Edawn had been signed to Psy’s label p-nation I was very excited. This new song by Jessi is a return to form for her with a very strong vocal appearance.


Overall while the song is a typical hip hop song and is very simple as far as instrumental goes the vocal is what really carries the song. Her vocals are second to none in this song and often act as an instrument in and of itself.


The instrumental as a very simple hip hop styled instrumental with deep bass kick high hats and drums and some ear candy sprinkled in for good measure.


Jessi vocals have maintained a certain vibe and overall tone to them. Jessi for the most part swaps between sing talking as well as raping. She also swaps between processed and unprocessed vocals. I am very impressed by her vocal prowess and her interesting use of processing.


While it is to be expected that there would be a little rust from being on such a long hiatus, I am happy to say that she shows no rust of any kind. The song is a wonderful return to form for her and is excellent.

If this is what we have to expect from Hyuna and Edawn then I am very excited for the future of PSY’S young new company.