Twice Returns Strong Despite Hardships.

It has not been an easy couple of months for Twice, however you would never know from the quality of this song. In August it broke that Kang Daniel and Park Ji Soo (Jihyo) are dating which was all over the press who considered it scandal worthy. Then it came out that Myoui Mina (Mina) would not be joining the Twice Lights tour because of anxiety disorder related to, among other things, performing on stage. Even through all that adversity they still shine in this song as bright as ever.


This song is defiantly a great example of an electronic song but in a Korean Style. The song also exudes positive energy as well as confidence. This is not surprising as Twice has been changing their image for a while now and have been slowly moving away from the cute vibes. The song is also a great example of their changing vocal styles and their growing confidence as a group.


The instrumental is an electro house style song with breaks in the song most notably for dahyun to rap and for Mina’s. It features a lot of ear candy such as things panned left and right as well as lots of plucks and bells. It also features vocal chops and pitched vocals which really make the song stand out.


The vocals of this group have really come a long way from 2 years ago where they were still doing cute type vocals. Now the vocals have really grown to a more mature style. This is very obvious in momo and sana’s vocals respectively as they are the most dramatically different from earlier works such as Likey. Sana and Momo usually operated in the high pitched cute area of their vocals however now with Twices new style, they have been using more vocal range. Sana still sings the majority of the hooks during the drop though. Mina also makes a very prominent appearance in the song and does exceptional well as always. I have honestly come to expect Mina’s vocals in the places that they are in and I’m glad that she joined this come back.

Stand Out Moments:

The stand out moment for me was a scene in the music video at about 3:08 where Chaeyoung and Mina locked eyes and smiled at each other. Given the context that Mina has been recovering and hasn’t been with the girls during promotions it shows how close they are.

A Quick Note About Mina:

When I first heard about Mina having Anxiety Disorder related to performing on stage I immediately felt kinship with her as I have dealt with the same thing before related to perform on stage during my years as a classical musician. I hope that they don’t try and rush her into doing promotions again as that will only make it worse. I wish nothing but the best for her and for her health, I hope she gets better at her own pace so that Twice can be together again as a group.