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Super M and SM Entertainment Prove Detractors Wrong With a Successful Debut

When I heard that SM was going to debut this group I was surprised. However, I am surprised to say that its a great song and its an excellent debut. Overall this song falls into the house/hiphop categories pretty solidly. The house part is very poppy and nice and the hip hop sections are also pretty clean. The instrumentation is a mixture of physical instrumentation as well as synthetic drums. The real focus and stand out of the song though is the vocals.

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Epik High and IU Combine For a Suprising Hit

If you had told me that Epik High and IU did a song together I would have said you were lying. However upon listening to this song I am surprised by just how much I liked it. Overall, this song is deceptively simple. I was honestly impressed by how much they were able to achieve with so little. The vocal are simple and clean. This song is simple and clean.

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