Super Junior Comes Back With Latin Style

Super Junior has been a force to reckon with since 2005 and have been together nearly 20 years at this point. Its not hard to see why.


This song is a very impressive Latin fusion track featuring nice drums and excellent composition. The vocals are also very interesting as each of the super junior’s members shine individually but together in unison its very impressive.


The Instrumentation is pretty strait forward it adds some Latin flair however and its a very nice divergence from the current sound that kpop is going for.


The vocals for the track are impressive with varying levels of dynamics. When all the vocals are combined and all of them are singing it really is impressive how well they go together.

A Note About Super Junior

Its honestly impressive to me how good super junior is especially considering the hardships they have been through. They have also been together than any other group that I know of which is also impressive. I hope for more from them in the future.