Epik High and IU Combine For a Suprising Hit


If you had told me that Epik High and IU did a song together I would have said you were lying. However upon listening to this song I am surprised by just how much I liked it.


Overall, this song is deceptively simple. I was honestly impressed by how much they were able to achieve with so little. The vocal are simple and clean. This song is simple and clean.


The instrumentation follows typical hip hop style being very minimal featuring the vocal instead of the instrumentation with exceptions. There are drums and very well done piano and string sections


IU’s vocals are always great in this song her sections feature very stripped down processing of the vocals giving her a very natural sound that I love.

Epik high’s vocals with almost no processing. Except for the occasional stereo seperation of the vocal.

The vocals are amazing

Notable Moments

A moment that sticks out to me is a solo/Cadenza moment at about 2:30 where everything drops out and only the piano and violin are there. I absolutely love this part. It really fills a void for me since I am classically trained.