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Super M and SM Entertainment Prove Detractors Wrong With a Successful Debut

When I heard that SM was going to debut this group I was surprised. However, I am surprised to say that its a great song and its an excellent debut. Overall this song falls into the house/hiphop categories pretty solidly. The house part is very poppy and nice and the hip hop sections are also pretty clean. The instrumentation is a mixture of physical instrumentation as well as synthetic drums. The real focus and stand out of the song though is the vocals.

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Epik High and IU Combine For a Suprising Hit

If you had told me that Epik High and IU did a song together I would have said you were lying. However upon listening to this song I am surprised by just how much I liked it. Overall, this song is deceptively simple. I was honestly impressed by how much they were able to achieve with so little. The vocal are simple and clean. This song is simple and clean.

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Twice Returns Strong Despite Hardships.

It has not been an easy couple of months for Twice, however you would never know from the quality of this song. This song is defiantly a great example of an electronic song but in a Korean Style. The song also exudes positive energy as well as confidence. This is not surprising as Twice has been changing their image for a while now and have been slowly moving away from the cute vibes. The song is also a great example of their changing vocal styles and their growing confidence as a group.

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