Dreamcatcher makes another BOP


Dream Catchers new song Deja Vu is an excellent example of amazing instrumentation and vocal support. Dream Catcher comes out strong with flowing melodies and excellent instrumentation. The vocals however are really what stand out as the vocals of this song are second to none.


Deja Vu presents itself initially as a soft Electro/Ballad hybrid but really switches into gear around the 1:00 minute mark where the classic dream catcher styled instruments kick in and the song switches into a pop punk style song but the song continues to change back and forth between ballad and pop punk and even into a double time fast rock with a key change at the end.


Since Deja Vu is a Dream catcher song I was initially expecting heavy drums and guitar as well as bass however I was initially greeted by a soft piano as well as some electronic styled drums with a very soft high pass filter attached. The opening of this song is very reminiscent of a ballad as the girls are also using very soft and sweet voices. The song and the instruments make excellent use of classic dynamics structure as there are subtle and not so subtle rises in volume leading up to the main chorus of the song.


This is really where this song shines as all the girls show frankly astounding vocal range. The girls Handong Siyeon and Yoohyen all take the majority of the high notes which range from C5 all the way up to F#5. Dami, Gahyeon, JiU and SuA also have high notes in that range as well but the most impressive thing about them was how clean their low notes were.

Stand Out Moments:

The biggest stand out moment for me was the finale of the song at about 3:00. The song takes a dramatic tone shift. It switches into a happy key and switches into a fast double time. I defiantly wasn’t expecting to hear such a dramatic shift in tone but it defiantly shows their moxie and confidence as a group. Also since they extended the chord range up ward as compared to shifting downward the vocals also go up in range and the girls singing the high notes dont even seem bothered.

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