Super M and SM Entertainment Prove Detractors Wrong With a Successful Debut

When I heard that SM was going to debut this group I was surprised. However, I am surprised to say that its a great song and its an excellent debut.


Overall this song falls into the house/hiphop categories pretty solidly. The house part is very poppy and nice and the hip hop sections are also pretty clean. The instrumentation is a mixture of physical instrumentation as well as synthetic drums. The real focus and stand out of the song though is the vocals.


The vocals are really the stand out here as they occupy the most prominent spot for this song. They range from simple one shots to incredibly high, like high for a woman, vocals. I think i pegged the highest note as F# in the 5th octave which is kind of insane. The other guys also do very good rapping. The rapping is very calm and collective and well thought out.