I am Avego

Alejandro Gomez otherwise known under his alias Avego is a classically trained double bass player turned DJ, music producer, and songwriter with a combined 12 years of experience in the music production and performance space. Coming from Longmont Colorado he uses his small-town upbringing to influence his music choices. The catalyst for him to make music was originally hearing early iterations of electronic music’s early pioneers such as deadmau5’s Strobe & Ghosts n Stuff or hearing the early versions of Skrillex’s music of his first Album Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. He was tired of playing another person’s music and decided to make his own.

His sound is a unique blend of house styled music with flowing melodies and strong synths with a strong baseline. He does not limit himself to one genre though as he makes a variety of styles ranging from pop to drum and bass and everything in between. With the release of his upcoming debut EP Love Stories, he is hoping to change the world for the better one song at a time. In his early years of classical music, middle school & high school, he played at many great venues such as the famous Stanley Hotel and Carnegie Hall in New York. Once he got out of high school though he began DJing at some of Denver’s clubs such as Club Vinyl, Church Night Club, and the Aztlan Theater. He then discovered his early influences namely Deadmau5 and Skrillex and decided to forego DJing in favor of Music Production. 


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