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Hello, this the Ceo and Owner Alejandro Gomez. AVM Rasi started out of my frustration with the music industry after being denied literally hundreds of times I just decided to make my own label to put out my music. AVM Rasi is at its core a place where the community of my fans and for people in general to find all of my content, as Avego , a singular place where if they come they can find a YouTube Channel or a Twitch Channel or just get recommendations on songs we as a label enjoy. We are however more than a record label. We want to build a community that helps each other and gives back. We also want to help promote a health lifestyle and help promote unknown artist. Eventually we hope to be an all in one agency modeled off of companies like JYP Entertainment and Big Hit Entertainment.

We are not currently accepting un-solicited demos. This is because we only have the infrastructure necessary to effectively promote one artist which is currently Avego. In the future we hope to be able to take demos.


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